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About me and this Blog

Hi, I’m Eberhard. I’m an independent IT Consultant and Architect working in Switzerland. I use this blog to share thoughts about software architecture, software quality, and practical solutions to real-world software engineering problems. Currently, I work a lot with Oracle SOA technologies, namely Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus (OSB). Therefore, many posts are related to these middleware products.

Looking at the Hahnen mountain near Engelberg, Switzerland

I worked for different companies, from Europe’s largest software company SAP to smaller Swiss consulting boutiques. I hold a Diploma in Media and Computer Science and a Doctoral Degree in Computer Science, both from Dresden University of Technology.

Some more background

I started programming on the C64 back in the late 80s. Being active in the demoscene, I developed real-time 3D engines using C++ and x84 Assembler on the PC. Later, my graphics programming knowledge became useful when I developed am OpenGL-based visualization software for a medical company. A few years after the dawn of the WWW, I founded a small Web and Multimedia company with two friends. We developed over 50 Websites and implemented our own Content Management System, which was one of the first to use XSLT instead of a homegrown template mechanism. Between 1998 and 2001, we also organized an annual demoscene festival called Dialogos. After finishing my studies in Media and Computer Science, I joined SAP where I worked in the domain of Supply Chain Management Systems, Event-based Systems, and Security. I finished my dissertation about secure event interchange in logistics networks in 2009. After that, I moved to Switzerland and worked as IT consultant, helping customers solving real-life problems using modern technologies like Oracle SOA suite and Microsoft Azure. One of my spare-time projects is the SOA Artifact Dependency Viewer. Besides computer stuff, I like hiking in Switzerland, home cinema, and strength training.

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